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Broth on the go! These are great to pack for a snack at work or to enjoy out and about! Pour into a 8-12 oz cup, add hot water and enjoy!


Keto cups are a tasty way to satisfy a sweet tooth and also get your MCT oil!


BHU Fit are tasty LOW CARB protein bars! Available in a variety of flavors, these bars make for a great snack on the go!


These coconut wraps are great  to use for a breakfast burrito or filled with chicken or tuna salad!


Pork rinds are a great chip and/or breading alternative!


Crave nuts? These Pili nuts are a great carb free alternative! They come in 3 flavors! Himalayan Pink Salt, Spicy Chili and Cocoa. It’s also available as a nut butter!



Satisfy your chocolate cravings guilt free with Choc Zero’s Keto Bark!



Biltong dried beef is tasty on salads or alone as a snack!


A tasty low carb pasta alternative that actually has the consistency of pasta!


Another low carb pasta alternative! These are great in soups!


These keto pancakes are an easy pancake that even your family would enjoy!


This brownie mix is amazing and helps keep you on plan for birthday and/or holiday celebrations!