InBody Readings

The InBody 570

During patient check-in appointments, Symmetry’s InBody 570 is used to track patient progress. This specialized scale uses electrodes to analyze individual’s body composition, measuring a multitude of features in addition to one’s weight. Water weight, muscle mass, skeletal mass, and body fat are also taken into account. The InBody 570 also analyzes the contents of both arms and legs, as well as the trunk of the body, to see where patients are gaining and losing. This scale also has the ability to measure visceral fat, which is the most concerning fat as it surrounds vital organ tissue.

Why We Use the InBody

The InBody measurements are important in order to see what is happening within our patients’ bodies while they are on plan. Generally, over the course of the program, patients will lose body fat, gain and maintain muscle mass, become more hydrated, and retain less water, and the InBody allows our coaches to track these markers. Thus changes in body composition illustrate patient progress and help coaches discern how to better direct patients towards their goals.

Preparation for In-Body Weigh-Ins

Since the In-Body is a very sensitive instrument, to receive accurate results, it is important to properly prepare for your weigh-in or test results may be skewed.

An Aerial View of the Inbody570 at Symmetry Health Center
Prior to testing, do:
  • Hydrate well the day before

  • Stand upright for at least 5 minutes before testing
  • Use the restroom before testing
  • Remove all metal objects (jewelry, watches, belts, etc.), socks, pantyhose, shoes, and heavy articles of clothing
  • Warm yourself up for 20 minutes if you are testing in cold weather
Prior to testing, avoid:
  • Eating/exercising at least 3 hours
  • Consuming alcohol or caffeine at least 24 hours
  • Using a shower or sauna
  • Using lotion/ointment on your hands and feet
Scheduling Your First FREE In-Body Appointment

Your first InBody analysis is on us. Although the InBody weigh-in is part of the weekly check-ins for patients in our weight loss program, the In-Body machine is also available for use to others. If you are interested in finding out about your current body composition, please contact our Alameda office at (510) 769-0125 or our Oakland office at (510) 654-2207 to make an appointment, or reach out through our website at

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