Weight Loss & Nutrition

Our Program

For over a decade, Symmetry has offered a successful ketogenic-based nutrition program, which is currently available in both its Alameda and Oakland locations. This program provides personalized, supervised, one-on-one coaching to support patients overcoming health challenges while working towards goals such as weight loss, detoxification, blood sugar regulation, hormone balance, and reducing and eliminating medications.

Our Process

Throughout their weight loss journey at Symmetry, our patients have weekly check-in meetings to receive nutrition coaching, education, and to track their progress. Utilizing methods such as ketone body testing and body composition analysis via our InBody machine, individuals in our program have access to technology that helps them stay on pace to reach their goals. Every body is different, but many Symmetry patients lose 1-5 pounds per week, gain energy, build muscle, increase hydration, balance blood sugar and hormones, and build the foundation to reclaim their overall health.

Weight Loss and Nutrition at Symmetry Health Center

Our Plan

Symmetry takes a ketogenic perspective and coaches each patient to foster a state of ketosis within the body in order to reach their health and nutrition goals. We take this perspective because, though there is still much research to be done surrounding ketogenic diets, there is increasing evidence that “Keto” has healing effects in many scenarios.

Why It Works

One of our most significant reasons for choosing to utilize a ketogenic plan within our nutrition program is that it is especially effective for blood sugar regulation. Since blood sugar is directly connected to digestion, metabolism, weight, and inflammation, chronic dysglycemia can lead to conditions from obesity to cancer. Thus proper blood sugar regulation plays an important role in both avoiding chronic illness as well as healing from it, and a ketogenic diet can help individuals reach that state of balance.

Is This Right For You?

Symmetry offers a variety of plans and works with each patient to personalize each plan. We offer food, supplements, and additional strategies to hone in on the area of health with which the individual is most concerned. Symmetry’s ketogenic plan offers a well-researched, safe and effective ketogenic program and we are excited to be able to provide these services in Alameda and Oakland. Please call us 510-654-2207 (Oakland) or 510-769-0125 (Alameda), or email us at [email protected] with questions or to schedule a consultation.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Weight Loss and Management1

  • Blood Sugar Regulation2
  • Heart Health3
  • Hormone Regulation4

  • Brain and Nervous System Support5

  • Mood Stabilization in Cases of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress6
  • Offers Help when Fighting Cancer7

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