Blood Work

Recommended Blood Work

In the initial consultation, incoming Symmetry nutrition patients are offered the opportunity to do blood tests and assessments in order to receive quantitative information regarding nutrient levels, hormone levels, toxicity, and specific genetic markers. This information greatly assists the doctors and coaches to guide patients towards the particular foods, supplements, and lifestyle habits which will be most supportive for their optimal health. Retests are also recommended so that patients may track changes within their bodies as they progress towards their goals. In most cases we will see an improvement in blood tests within 3-4 months, assuming the patient has followed the dietary and supplement recommendations of the coaching team.

Boston Heart Diagnostics

The Boston Heart blood test allows patients to test a variety of blood markers to gather information about bodily nutrient levels, hormone levels, and potential genetic mutations that may interfere with the patient’s health. Boston Heart requires a blood draw and Symmetry partners with a mobile phlebotomist who can carry out the blood draw at the most convenient location for each patient. This is a fasting blood draw and is usually carried out early in the morning for the most accurate results.

Image of Blood Cells for bloodwork done at Symmetry Health Center


The BrainSpan test builds its patient analysis through use of a blood sample as well as an online cognitive assessment. The online cognitive assessment is sent out to the patient by email, and can be done at home using a touch screen. It takes about 15-30 minutes to complete, and is best done in a calm space where there will be no interruptions. BrainSpan’s blood sample does not necessitate a blood draw, instead only requires a finger-prick blood spot sample. The finger-prick can be carried out on one’s own or, if desired, with the help of our mobile phlebotomist. Once received by the lab, the results of the finger-prick blood test are combined with the cognitive portion of the test to assess fatty acid levels, toxicity, and a multitude of brain function analyses, including memory, attention, cognitive flexibility, and processing speed.

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SpectraCell Laboratories

Symmetry now offers blood labs through SpectraCell Laboratories. SpectraCell can test a variety of important markers, and one of the most important markers this lab offers is micronutrient testing. SpectraCell’s micronutrient panel tests the nutrient levels within cells rather than using the traditional method of measuring the nutrient levels outside of the cells. With intracellular nutrient levels, we can measure how well the patient’s body is absorbing and utilizing nutrients, to then figure out how to best support the patient’s needs and correct deficiencies with specific foods, herbs, and supplements. If you are interested, make an appointment to meet with our team so you can learn more about the process and if this test is right for you.

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