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This LOW CARB cauliflower pizza crust can be used for pizza or as a wrap!


Give your gut some love, start your day with a probiotic gut shot!


If you love garlic you have to try this garlic spread on your keto sandwiches or as a dip!


Add a cheesy, nutty, savory zing to your foods with nutritional yeast! It’s great on just about everything!



Pork rinds are a great chip and/or breading alternative!


These coconut wraps are great  to use for a breakfast burrito or filled with chicken or tuna salad!


The roasted seaweed snacks are great to satisfy a hankering for a crackling treat!



Bone Broth on the go! These are great to pack for a snack at work or to enjoy out and about! Pour into a 8-12 oz cup, add hot water and enjoy!



Keto chocolate bars and chocolate chips! Enjoy in moderation!


Kite Hill’s guilt-free cream cheese! Great on keto crackers, keto bread or rolled into free range sliced turkey!


The creamy and thickness of the organic heavy whipping cream is a perfect addition to your morning cup of joe!


Dr B’s favorite extra virgin olive oil. It is first cold pressed and raw!


A tasty breakfast sausage without the sugar!


A low carb pita bread…that surprisingly is so tasty!!


This is a quick and tasty protein snack on the go! The eggs are perfectly cooked!


Stay hydrated with this innocent “cola”! Cola essence infused sparking water!