IGDon’t Succumb to the COVID-15!

Every obstacle is an opportunity! In this new age of social distancing many of our health practices have become off limits. COVD-19 has changed how we can approach our fitness and health. And yet, with health at the top of our mind, keeping up our immunity is crucial. This means eating healthy and exercising regularly to avoid risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Those with these risk factors have a 79% greater chance of requiring intensive care after being infected with the COVID-19 virus. These risk factors can be prevented or improved upon by managing our weight and thereby our nutritional health. As a community, it is not only our job to practice social distancing, but it is our responsibility to stay healthy for each other. With tools such as Telehealth and weight loss application technologies we can reconfigure our approach to optimal health!

We have heard it here in the Alameda and Oakland weight loss coaching calls “I don’t want to gain the COVID-15! Many have called us over the last few months asking for assistance with their grocery planning to avoid coming out of quarantine in an unhealthy state. It has been impressive to say the least, that many are in fact taking this time to revamp their health and tackle those unwanted pounds.

Accountability and nutritional coaching are the best ways to hit your weight loss goals. Navigating which recourses to use for weight loss can be extremely difficult, especially with the plethora of content available to us on our phones. With an enormous food database and barcode scanner, tracking food is fast and easy via the MyFitnessPal app . It has been rated as one of the best weight loss apps of 2019. We have been using it in our East Bay weight loss locations for many years now, and it has helped us manage our patients and help them make modifications that help them achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals.

Symmetry Health Center can help remotely monitor your diet and guide you using a fully HIPAA compliant Telehealth Zoom platform combined with the MyFitnessPal app as you trek through your nutrition and weight loss journey! We also are offering in service visits as we have been declared an essential business through these times. Our InBody 570 machine allows us to track body fat percent and lean muscle mass gain as you move through a program.

We are here to help you every step of the way! Call us or text us today for a no charge consultation! 510-769-0125