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With Apple Cider’s many health benefits in addition to making a great salad dressing this should be a kitchen staple! Don’t forget about your oils! Extra Virgin Olive oil and Coconut oil!



The creamy and thickness of the organic heavy whipping cream is a perfect addition to your morning cup of joe!



Bubbies are the tastiest, crispiest pickles and sauerkraut!



Give your gut some love, start your day with a probiotic gut shot!


Add a cheesy, nutty, savory zing to your foods with nutritional yeast! It’s great on just about everything!





Keto chocolate bars! Enjoy in moderation!


The roasted seaweed snacks are great to satisfy a hankering for a crackling treat!


A low carb hummus that is great with cucumbers or your favorite keto cracker! Keep in mind that this would count toward your vegetable intake if you are on the fat loss phase!


The Tofu Shirataki Noodles makes for a no carb alternative!