Local Restaurants

Click on the heart to see some of our favorite local restaurants supporting a healthy lifestyle! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


We are excited about our new neighbors at “Sushi Valley” located just a few blocks away of our Alameda location at 1635 Park St. across from the Alameda Marketplace. They have a traditional sushi menu and everything is super fresh!  If you are on Fat Loss Phase, ask for a hand roll with your favorite fish, no rice, add cucumber, daikon, sprouts and shiso leaf! There is also a variety of fresh sashimi and great fish specials on the menu that you can create your own combination of items! They even have a Keto roll called “Toro Creek” that is full of fresh tuna and crab!


Shown above are Uni, Hamashi and Tuna hand rolls with cucumber, daikon, sprouts and shiso leaf instead of rice.



Shown above is the Toro Creek Roll. A rice free sushi roll! Fatty tuna, real crab, seared tuna, shiso wrapped with super white tuna and black tobiko. YUM!!

Shown above is the White Tuna with jalapeno- another amazing dish!





Marley’s G’s Italian sammie in a bowl is so satisfying! (I omit the cheese and ask for cherry peppers).


Marley G’s Italian tuna sammie in a bowl is perfect for a summer lunch or dinner outdoors! The arugula and roasted tomatoes pair perfect with their tuna salad!


The crustless pizza is delicious!  The leftovers are amazing on the cauliflower thins!

Their meatballs are great by themself or on the carb watch pita as a meatball sammie! (Don’t forget to hold the cheese!)


The chicken lettuce cups from Scolaris are so tasty! To add some heat to them you can ask for cherry peppers or buffalo sauce on the side! They are available at both locations, Park St and Alameda Point(at Rockwall Wine Co.)




La Penca Taco Bar has a couple amazing items that are on plan with the weight-loss protocol! The 1st is a tortilla-less taco, your choice of meat and toppings on top a romaine leaf! Shown above are 2 shredded chicken tacos topped with grilled jalapeno, pickled onion, pico de gallo, cilantro and guacamole(which would be suited for maintenance).

To the right is their bowl with lettuce, shredded chicken, jalapeño, chicharrones, cilantro, onions, pico de gallo and salsa-YUM!




The M.E.A.T bowl at Curry Up Now is so tasty! Two types of meat served with greens and cauliflower rice!




Above is the Spaghetti del Trabocco- shrimp, clams, mussels and tomato sauce served on top of sautéed spinach instead of spaghetti noodles. One of my favorite go to dishes at Trabocco!