Our Favorite Things

Click on the heart to see some of Symmetry Staff’s Favorites! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!







Check out Lisa’s creative way to enjoy tasty low carb sandwiches!

Starting at the top left: Tuna salad on Trader Joe’s crisp bread, turkey sandwich on romaine, “tea” sandwiches using watermelon radish and cucumbers, italian roll ups, cucumbers, chicken and kale coconut wrap, BLT with romaine leaves and chicken salad in a cucumber cup, tacos using the carb watch pita bread, gyro using the carb watch pita bread, tuna salad in a jicama wrap.



Lisa loves to start her day with a fat shot-2TBSP of coconut oil and 1 TBSP of Fish Oil! This combination gives her body and  brain energy to power through the day! This combination also helps with weight management!



Dr. Boyd refuels at lunch with her tasty salads that are dressed with lemons, salt and olive oil!


Dr. Boyd utilizes her weekend mornings to prep her vegetables for the week making meal prep easy!




Lisa’s favorite and easy weekend breakfasts! (the breakfast taco is with a jicama tortilla)


EGGROLLS! Lisa doesn’t feel like she is missing out on the fried eggrolls with this healthy version! She makes the eggroll in a bowl recipe and rolls the mixture into a coconut wrap! So tasty and guilt-free!!


Dr Penta loves the variety of the keto farm-direct produce box from Dans Fresh Produce!



One of Dr Boyd’s favorite way to enjoy pizza! Using the Cauliflower Flatbreads(can be found at https://www.califlourfoods.com/)

Tillamook cheese and Applegate farms turkey bacon. YUM!!



Lisa’s favorite pasta alternatives! The palmini “noodles” look, feel and taste like pasta! Zoodles are a great alternative for hot/cold “pasta” dishes! Tofu Shirataki “noodles” are her favorite noodles for soups and garlic noodle dishes and they come in multiple pasta sizes!



Having a “prep” day a couple days week helps keep you on track to your goal! Here Lisa prepares salads for 4 days which makes lunch/dinner a breeze especially on hectic days!