Fasting is quickly grabbing the attention of the nutrition world. With more research being done around a variety of fasting techniques and their health benefits, dietary experiments like intermittent fasting (IF) and fasting-mimicking plans are becoming more and more popular. Due to these important findings, Symmetry is offering a new fasting-mimicking nutrition plan through ProLon. Having created plant-based, whole-foods-based products aimed at mimicking a fasting state in the body, ProLon’s fasting-mimicking plan helps the individual achieve the benefits of fasting while still receiving some supportive calories and nutrients.

ProLon was developed by scientist Valter Longo, who has devoted his career to longevity research and discovered that fasting can have many significant positive effects on our health. For instance, Longo’s research has demonstrated that fasting improves biomarkers associated with the heart, diabetes, and cancer, reduces body fat, allows cells the chance to regenerate, and leads to a longer life span.

If you are interested in learning more about ProLon, its benefits, and how it can aid you in your own personal health journey, join us for an upcoming fasting talk with our clinical consultant Laurie Scwartz, PharmD, or book a no-charge consult with us by contacting our front desk by email or calling (510) 769-0125.