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Vegetables with ease! These tasty frozen vegetables make for quick dinner side dishes!


These are a tasty and refreshing alternative to tortilla wraps! They are sliced so thin that the jicama does not over power your filling!


Add a cheesy, nutty, savory zing to your foods with nutritional yeast! It’s great on just about everything!




Spice it up with Trader Joe’s Zhoug sauce, Harrisa paste, Yuzu sauce or the Jalapeno Hot Sauce!


The Chomps snack stick’s meaty deliciousness are perfect for an on the go snack!



The broccoli florets and cheese bites are a great crunchy treat either by themselves or in a salad! The cheese bites can also be used as a breading! The roasted seaweed snacks are great to satisfy a hankering for a crackling treat!



Enjoy “rice” again but without the extra carbs! These fresh and frozen options should be a staple in your freezer/refrigerator!


The whole grain crisp bread is a great bread or cracker alternative!



The creamy and thickness of the organic heavy whipping cream is a perfect addition to your morning cup of joe!


The FROZEN Argentinian Red Shrimp are so meaty! They are not only large in size but large in flavor and texture!


Why limit the taste of the Everything Bagel to only bagels? This blend adds a pepper-garlic-fennel-ness to everything! Try it on grilled meats, roasted vegetables, eggs, salads, etc.



With Apple Cider’s many health benefits in addition to making a great salad dressing this should be a kitchen staple! Don’t forget about your oils! Extra Virgin Olive oil, Avocado oil and Coconut oils!


The garlic spread/dip is not only great for dipping your favorite vegetables in but also as a tuna/chicken/egg salad condiment!


This pre-made salad is so refreshing! Add diced fresh jalapeño for slight kick!


Miss having a bun or pizza crust? Trader Joe’s cauliflower thins are an amazing low carb option alternative!