Symmetry Welcomes Laurie Schwartz, PharmD as part of the ProLon FMD Consulting Team!

Join us for various dates in 2020 to learn more about ProLon FMD, with our host and clinical representative Laurie Scwartz, PharmD.

Laurie Valencia Schwartz, PharmD, is a visionary Pharmacist with 19 years of providing pharmacy services. Laurie has specialized in establishing positive relationships with physicians, patients, pharmaceutical representatives/manufactures, healthcare organizations and third-party providers. She has worked in diverse pharmacy settings including Cancer Center and transplant/specialty pharmacy as well as Community Pharmacy. She has a personal interest in functional wellness with focus on diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes to enhance patient outcomes and attain therapeutic health goals. Laurie is very ambitious and motivated to grow her career with L-nutra (Prolon).

Laurie is a certified Lagree instructor and teaches full body workouts on a Mega-reformer. She is also a fitness advocate practicing yoga, rhythmic cycle, dancing and running. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking and golfing.

Laurie holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Touro University as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Sacramento.