Symmetry Health CenterDear Symmetry Community,

Based on incredible demand, Symmetry Health Center has expanded from its SIP limited schedule to a full time range of hours in both our Alameda and Oakland locations. Our team would like to thank you for your support and patience during these trying times, as we have been preparing for a new approach to patient care. You all have been on our minds, and we hope you are staying strong and taking care or yourselves as well as putting special attention on boosting your immunity. As a community, we have worked hard to shelter in and we are now seeing the results of our commitment to fight this global pandemic.

With the recommendations of the Alameda Country District and the International Chiropractic Association, Symmetry Health Center has been focused on accommodating those with essential care needs in the past two months. We have seen the need for our services grow exponentially in the last few weeks, as people spend more time sitting and living a less active lifestyle. Quarantine has also brought tremendous levels of stress to many households, which in turn triggers pain and disability for many. We realize how many of you need our services and have considered us essential more than ever through this unprecedented time in our nation’s history.

Regarding scheduled in office visits, we are taking all precautionary measures to ensure your utmost safety and well-being. Patients will continue to be scheduled in a format that allows for maximum distancing in each location. We have blocked out time slots to allow for proper spacing and we are wearing appropriate protective gear in the office. We are also requiring patients wear masks, and we will continue to thoroughly clean every surface using top quality products proven to kill any trace of the COVID virus during and in between all shifts. We also ask patients to self-screen before making any appointments, and additionally we will screen each patient as needed. This will include taking a forehead scan for body temperature readings if needed.

Our nutrition and weight loss department, which is being run by our very own clinic director Dr. Boyd, is now open both virtually and in person to accommodate the multi-faceted approach needed for preventative health and wellness.

COVID-19 has brought to the forefront the comorbidities (i.e obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure) that leave us most as risk for contracting the virus. All of which are preventable and reversible with dietary changes. We must continue to pursue optimal health so that we can fight this virus and any future pathogens that may come our way! It is one of our greatest passions to help those who are ready to take control of and optimize their health!

We are fully stocked with our supportive immune boosting arsenal of Nutri-West products such as Vitamin D3, Pre-Probiotics, Zinc Lozenges, High Potency Fish Oil and an anti-viral supplement (VR-X from Nutri-West)! We continue to offer pick up hours as well as delivery options. It is also never too late to pick up a Prolon FMD kit to start this highly effective 5 days water mimicking fast (Don’t miss out on the $50 rebate per box that ends on May 31st)! Check out our entire product line HERE, and then place your order by text (510-769-0125) or email.

Lastly, while we are in stage two of shelter in, Symmetry Health Center will stay with you to help pursue your virtual fitness journey. We continue to offer virtual fitness and yoga classes brought to you by the Symmetry Yoga team. We are also excited to announce that once we enter stage three of shelter in, which is projected to begin in June, we will be offering limited capacity in-person classes to members only!

As always, to learn more about our teachers, healthy recipes and other digital announcements you can follow our Facebook and Instagram handles: @healthyposture, @symmetryhealthcenter, @bayareascoliosis.

On behalf of the Symmetry family, we are grateful and so lucky to be able to continue to serve this community on a path to better health and wellness!